Classic macarons (Box of twelve)

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Gift this box of classic macarons to friends and family, or simply save them for a cosy night in. Our almond macaron biscuits use real almond flour to give them a crisp shell and soft middle. We use a white chocolate ganache to create the moorish middle. In this box of 12 macarons you’ll find two of each flavour.

Lemon macaron: This zesty, Great Taste Award-winner is made using white chocolate ganache blended with homemade lemon curd.

Chocolate macaron: We blend 100% Belgian chocolate with our white chocolate ganache to create this much-loved classic.

Pistachio macaron: We let the natural flavour of pistachio shine through by blending the white chocolate ganache middle with pure ground pistachios.

Strawberry macaron: Strawberry puree is combined with white chocolate ganache to give a naturally fruity finish.

White chocolate macaron: We let the sweet, buttery white chocolate ganache shine through to give you a creamy taste with every bite.


All our Macarons are made fresh, daily, by our professional pastry chefs. They are made with all-natural ingredients, with no added preservatives


*All of our products are made in our kitchen that handle nuts and other allergens